What is Tanzanian food/cuisine like?

Produce is often of very high quality. Meat and milk can be difficult for Western digestive systems, so be sure that all meat is cooked thoroughly. At hotels, you will not have any trouble, but if you venture into small villages, make sure that all water is filtered or boiled before drinking, and all fruits and vegetables are peeled before eating.

Local dishes include Mtori , cooked beef and bananas, and Mchicha , a vegetable stew which can also contain meat or fish. If anything can be called Tanzania ‘s national dish Ugali would most likely win out. A polenta-style dish made with corn flour, it accompanies a variety of stews, cooked meat and is eaten with your hands. Recipes vary from village to village and everyone has their own way of making it. Many foreigners find it bland and unappealing but it’s worth a try, and some upscale establishments serve it.